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DiscipleQuest: a lifelong quest for spiritual growth, discovery, and action. DiscipleQuest is open to anyone in 6th grade or anytime afterward and continues for a lifetime. Participants are taught to teach, trained to train, and coached to coach. While the … Continue reading →

Churches: Competing with the Competition

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Church attendance is down. That’s partly due to living in a post-churched culture and partly due to more activities that compete for time. People’s schedules are jammed, and for many, church is less essential than so many other agenda items. … Continue reading →

Easy to Read Bible Translations Comparative Study

Introduction Every year, our congregation gives free bibles to all of our third-grade students. Until this point, we have given them the Faith Alive Study Bible, but CPH just changed the translation for that to the ESV, which has a … Continue reading →


Title art for sermon for 5/29/16

Text: 1 Kings 8:22-24,27-29,41-43

Description: “Bringing the World to the House of God” Where is the house of God, and how can we bring people to it?


The idea is that the house of God is now the human heart through Holy Baptism, and we bring others into God’s house by bringing them into our hearts and showing them the love of Christ, letting our light so shine before men….

(And of course, because the Word of God is in our hearts, when they’re in, they’ll hear it, because it’s everywhere in there.)