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Glimpse of the Kingdom

Artwork: Glimpse of the Kingdom

From a sermon based on Revelation 22:1-6,12-20 “The Coming Kingdom Today” Is the coming Kingdom of God just something that we look forward to someday, or can we find glimpses […]



via Faith Webbing is a deep, purposeful intergenerational approach to connecting youth to faith through a congregation. Its premise is to intentionally identify relationship voids in young peoples’ lives […]


Art frm the Hrt PowerPoint Contemporary Slide Presentations consisting of a Scripture reading introduction, three readings, and an appropriate ending slide for each reading using the ESV translation with copyright permission from Crossway […]


So I was at a new grocery store to get supper, but when I went to check out, I realized I didn’t have my wallet, and they didn’t take Apple […]

World rolled away from the tomb

Image: World Can’t Keep Jesus Dead

This Easter, I’m wrapping up our “I AM” series with John 11:25-26: “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” None of Jesus’s statements about His identity would’ve meant anything if He were […]

I AM the Light of the world

Image: Light of the World

“I Am the Light of the World” From an “I Am” Lent series. John 8:12 We all know darkness in different parts of our lives, but when we open our […]

Finding Jesus in an apple

Image: Finding Jesus in an Apple

“Whom do you seek?” Sometimes when we look for God, we find the unexpected. Should that bother us? From a Lenten service based on John 18:5-6 from an “I Am” series. […]

Church Web People

Church Web People is a group of Christian geeks who in one way or another either work on one or more church websites or provide technical assistance at their church […]

Bible locked in heart

Image: Word in my Heart

For sermon based on Romans 10:8-13 that happens to fall on Valentines Day Description: “How can I be sure of love?” In our world, love and broken promises seem to go […]


Image: 10 Commandments Heart

For my sermon on Psalm 19:7-14 Description: “The Sweet Law” Does obedience excite you? Probably not. But the better we know God, the more we desire obedience to Him.